Mighty Sphincter - The New Manson Family

LP - 1986 - Placebo Label

  1. The New Manson Family
  2. Drop Dead
  3. Blood Banquet
  4. Googd Morning *
  5. Helter Skelter**
  6. Bedlam
  7. Rich and Dead
  8. Centerfold Murders
  9. Genuine Argyle
  10. Stretching Heads and Tails
  11. Final Reward
  12. Kings
  13. Constrictions in E

* Written by Ron Reckless
** Written by The Beatles

"The long awaited second coming. An intense interplay of bass, guitar and drums which comes together with the strength and precision of a Spiders Web. Originally available only by perception but now this record can be had by anyone with the balls and the bucks. A tribute to the spirituality of violence and required listening for anyone who aspires to grandeur. Produced by Alice Cooper."
- from The Placebo Catalog

Warning sticking on album cover reads:
"Caution! This Album Contains Material That Can Be Considered Morally Hazardous To The Listener. It Is Not Recommended For Persons Of Any Age And Should Be Forbiden To Those Under The Age Of 21."

  • Doug (Count Dominique) Clark - guitar, vocals
  • Joe Albanese - bass
  • Greg Hynes - drums, Vocal

With sounds of all the instruments playing over one another and the graphic lyrics makes this one of the most hardcore punk albums of all time. There is one song written by Ron Reckless titled "Good Morning". Also "Rich And Dead" by Johnny Precious from the band 45 Grave. The rest written by Doug Clark and some w/ Greg Hynes. Since this album has Charles Manson theme of murder and mayhem it might as well include The Beatles song "Helter Skelter" which is to me a good version. Another song "Bedlam" starts off w/ The Munster's theme song w/ lyrics by one of Shakespeare's play.


Drop Dead

I really wish you would slip into your grave, Drop Dead.

I know your best friends would love to see you Drop Dead. Until your dying day, two words left to say, Drop Dead!

And I'll have no remorse for your dying corpse, Drop Dead!

And when your casket's nailed, it will be so divine, Drop Dead! and I'll have no remorse for your zombie corpse DROP DEAD!