Mighty Sphincter - The Holy Unholy

LP - 2000 - Self Released - Limited Edition of 150 Signed

  1. Overture At The Pearly Gates (3:58)
  2. Hear Me (4:41)
  3. The Holy Unholy (4:18)
  4. Rejoice (5:47)
  5. Shooting Star (5:00)
  6. Valley Of The Shadow (3:39)
  7. Don't Fear The Reaper (4:56)
  8. Dreams To Keep (4:59)
  9. Vein Libations (7:54)
  10. Marie Laveau (4:58)
  11. Amazing Grace (6:34)
  12. An Angel Sleeps (4:06)
  13. This Song Will Make You Cry (5:16)

  • Doug Clark
  • Greg Hynes
  • Wayne Frost
  • Jonathon Gilleland
  • Tony Karaba

NOTE: This CD was limited to 150 hand-signed copies by all of the band members and is ultra-rare, but can be purchased as an MP3 download HERE.


The New Manson Family

The familys back together again, spreading blood and sin. We got more drugs, we got more guns, and this time we've won.

Will take your daughters in the night, will teach them to fuck, will teach them to kill, with drugs in their heads and knives in their hands will send them out with Charlie's plan

Kill, kill the pigs, kill, cut out their eyes! Kill, kill the pigs, kill, rip off their ears!

Creepy crawling throughout the night, murdering everything in sight.

Death! Death to pigs, RISE!

We're the new Manson family, armed and on LSD, we can do no wrong, everything is right. You can't kill us we're already dead, murder is just a game, and it's no wonder why your children come at you with knives!