Pre-Mighty Sphincter - The Brainz

7 " - 1979 - Self Released

  1. Elementary Monster
  2. Terra

Even before Teds, The Brainz would be the first band in what spawned that whole Placebo Records Phoenix punk scene. 3/5 of this band would eventually be in Mighty Sphincter and be a contributing force of that scene at the time.

The Brainz sole musical output, to the best of my knowledge, is this 7". They released it themselves but Placebo Records would end up selling it through their catalog well into the mid-80s. The band consisted of Wayne Frost, Doug Clark, Clark Stokes, Joe Albanese, and John Stewart. Wayne, Doug and Joe would all end up in Mighty Sphincter at some point, with Doug being the founding member of Mighty Sphincter along with Greg Hynes of Teds.

Where are they now? Doug Clark is sill in Mighty Sphincter and they still play occasional shows and are recording a new record at the moment. He is quite a talented musician. I believe Wayne and Joe are still around and one of them might still be playing music, if not both of them.
* Note: Joe Albanese was killed in a shooting. We are greatly saddened by his death. R.I.P. Joseph "Vito" Albanese: Former Phoenix Punk Pioneer Killed in Seattle Cafe Racer Shootings


Stretching Heads and Tails

Stretching heads and tails, avoiding coffin nails, will we never fail, what's to prevail? ghosts of the past left us with these lies.

How long will they last? Will they never die? Involuntary Sacrifice!