Mighty Sphincter Self-Titled 7"

EP - 1984 - Placebo Label

  1. Heathouse
  2. Fag Bar
  3. Exterminator
  4. Electric Hose-Bag

Seven of the hardest, greatest inches to come barreling down the Hershey Highway in a long time. Simmering explosive punk metal dished out in four movements. Sounds like Venom and Christian Death played backwards through a jet engine. By the end of this one you all should be fully constricted. Featuring Fag Bar and Exterminator.
- from The Placebo Catalog

  • Ron Reckless - vocals
  • Doug (Count Dominique) Clark - guitar
  • Joe Vito Albanese - bass, guitar
  • Gregory Kirk Hynes - drums

    • The 45 comes w/ an orange cover of a drawing what looks like Ron Reckless riding a huge snake w/ a skull that's punching through the map of the United States w/ the words below reading "A Record For The Hole Nation".

      ron reckless drawing

      There is also a folder sleeve that wraps around the 45 one side is photo of 3 mentally challenged girls on a lawn and the credits of the 45 are on that side.

      mighty sphincter self titled vinyl

      The other side is an illustration by David Keating of the band w/ small sketches all around them. It sort of reminds me of Robert Crumb interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch 'Garden of Eden'. Also a single sheet from Placebo records list some of their catalogue and other side list members of the band w/ some quirky comments and for booking information phone Tony Victor.


Stretching Heads and Tails

Stretching heads and tails, avoiding coffin nails, will we never fail, what's to prevail? ghosts of the past left us with these lies. How long will they last? Will they never die? Involuntary Sacrifice!