Mighty Sphincter - Rest in Peace New Orleans

EP - 2006 - Self Released d

  1. Night Fall in the Vieux Carrei
  2. Dark Awakening
  3. Wings of Satan
  4. Metairie Cemetary

This 2006 release from the metal/punk/horror innovators Mighty Sphincter, captures music reminiscent of the "Ghost Walking/Mansion Family" era. (If you are familiar with earlier works.) Dedicated to the lost souls of the Katrina disaster. Composed, arranged & recorded in the "City of the Dead" - New Orleans, (then home of Band founder Doug Clark), defines yet another chapter of new and unreleased material, brooding in the cobwebbed vaults and caverns of a dark, innovative, underground music mastermind.


Genuine Argyle

Hidden in cloth, intertwined by light, grew a power that no one really understood.

He was different than all of us because he wore genuine argyle socks. It almost seemed there was a world in the depths of his genuine argyle socks, immortality boundless and free inside his genuine argyle socks.

Secrecy prevents me from dispensing powers of my genuine agryle socks.