Mighty Sphincter - New Album!

LP - 2011

Mighty Sphincter just finished wrapping up the production of our new album in March!

A limited run of our new 7" vinyl is available exclusively from a389records.com. Get your copy before they are all gone!

Also available in mp3 digital download format for only $2.50 by going to this page.

Read a review of the new Mighty Sphincter 7" resurrection vinyl by visiting the Aversion Online website!

New album to be released soon...stay tuned! - Doug

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Good Morning

I'd like to blow your fucking head off, stick you with knives, cut your dick off, beat your head against the pavement, make you suck dog's dicks.

Don't say good morning to me, don't say good morning to me.

I'd like to see you raped in prison, tie you up, feed you my jism, make a mess of your fucking life, kill your kids, rape your wife

Don't say good morning to me, I wish you were dead. I hope you have a good morning, I'll be fucking your wife, don't say good morning to me, no motherfucker.