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October 30th, 2013 by Doug Clark

This is the OFFICIAL website for the twisted horror punk abomination known as Mighty Sphincter!

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New album to be released!

Yes friends, Mighty Sphincter has been resurrected with a sick new line up and some amazing songs which I feel is some of my best material to date. We just finished wrapping up the production last month and a limited run of our new 7" vinyl is available exclusively from a389records.com.

Read the review and hear a sample of the new 7" by visiting the Aversion Online website now!

Rest in Peace to our friend Joe Albanese, we miss you brother.
Doug Clark of Mighty Sphincter

My name is Doug Clark, musician and songwriter for Mighty Sphincter. Feel free to check out my music and videos, and visit me on Facebook. I hope you like what you hear! Also, check out my You Tube Channel!


Centerfold Murders

Pages that come to life, portraits that bleed with lust, my hands reach inside, pulling back their bodies, tormenting their papery flesh, ending what life they have, walking through rituals, preparing my mind for ritual murders.

Who's in the next issue? Centerfold murders.

I'll flip right to the middle and capture their mind's eye. Rape the spirit caught in a photo, and then manifest their bodies.

They shall be the canvas, for my next painting is in blood, the knife is my only paintbrush, in this gallery, centerfold murders.

Who's in the next issue? Centerfold murders.