Mighty Sphincter - In The Kingdom of Heaven

EP - 1987 - Placebo Label

  1. Hollywood Goes To Hell
  2. When The Clocks Run Down
  3. I Don't Live Today*
  4. Hitler Painted Roses
  5. In The Kingdom Of Heaven
  6. Secret Ceremony

* Jimi Hendrix

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  • Bil Yanok - vocals
  • Wayne (Sleepy) Frost - bass
  • Doug Clark AKA Dominic Royale - Guitar
  • Greg Hynes - drums, vocals



The kings have all gone away and left me here to say I'v been left in charge, and I'll meet you in the graveyard.

Bring your crystals, secretions from inside these walls at night, you hear the voices call, don't have fear of what you don't know, have fear of what you do know.

Now lets dance in the courtyard or hang ourselves in my basement.