Mighty Sphincter - Ghost Walking

Double EP - 1985 - Placebo Label

  1. Waltz in Hell
  2. Chinatown
  3. Whipped and Chained
  4. Impentigo
  5. Bag Lady
  6. 120 Days of Sodom
  7. Mental Mansion *
  8. Inferno of Joy *
  9. Resurection *
  10. Ghost Walking *

Vocals - Ron Reckless
* Vocals - Doug Clark

Ron Reckless vocals on Side One."The Double EP title isn't just some marketing gimmick. The split is obvious. From the misanthropic scatology of "A Waltz in Hell" to the gothic grind of "Ghost Walking." "A Waltz in Hell takes the listener on a perverse tour from "Chinatown" to "Sodom" and all private booths in-between. Ghost Walks explores the metaphysical aspects of the spiritual reflex."
- from The Placebo Catalog

  • Ron Reckless - vocals
  • Doug (Count Dominique) Clark - guitar, vocals, synth
  • Joe Vito Albanese - bass, cello
  • Gregory Kirk Hynes - drums, typani

Side One is songs sung by Ron Reckless. The other side is sung by Doug Clark, which reminds me of a Bauhaus style in some ways. As Ron Reckless spoof's punk w/ songs like 'Impentigo', 'Bag Lady', and '120 Days Of Sodom' They play more along the lines of Dead Kennedys and such. Side 2 or as they label it Side A as Ron leaves Doug Clark takes over lead vocals. Now w/ Doug, Mighty Sphincter dropped the lyrics Ron was writing and went into more of horror stories. Doug Clark's vocals reminds me of Peter Murphy w/ songs like 'Mental Mansion', 'Resurrection' and 'Ghost Walking' Doug brings in more Goth. 'Inferno' seems to get cut off at the end. But these are demos they were working on so they show the blemishes which in fact gives it more punk credit.


Constrictions in E Major

What keeps sodomites under the sausage pole? Who's gonna make your butt slam shut? What makes your rectum pucker? What makes the monkeys swing? What makes the birds chirp? What makes baboons burp? Who's gonna take you straight to hell? Who keeps it all under control?

Sphincter, Mighty Sphincter!

Who controls the big black hole? Who's gonna make your head grow fins? Who's gonna make you have a real nice time? Who's taking you to Disneyland?