Purchase Rare Mighty Sphincter DVD JUST RELEASED

The DVD collects the professional studio videos of MS plus some stunning live footage from 1984 (Tempe, Knights of Pythias) and 1986 (Phoenix, The Metro) as well as two funny little interviews with Doug Clark. The DVD comes in a super jewel case and features a glossy 16 page booklet with lots of rare photographs. This is the essential MS video collection. A collectors item.

Mighty Sphincter started in 1982 in response to the generic hardcore scene at the time. We were attacking and making fun of everyone. We didnít do ANY second guessing ourselves. We just really enjoyed freaking people out. We would think of disturbing things to do and do them. It was great fun. The band evolved and still evolves with every new recording. MS is a constantly changing oil painting where the paint never dries. These videos are a real gem and they reflect a time period of the underground that was not very well documented. Most of what happened in those early punk years lives only in the memories of those who were there. This is a glimpse into a time that is now gone forever.
- Greg Hynes


Drop Dead

I really wish you would slip into your grave, Drop Dead.

I know your best friends would love to see you Drop Dead.

Until your dying day, two words left to say, Drop Dead!

And I'll have no remorse for your dying corpse, Drop Dead!

And when your casket's nailed, it will be so divine, Drop Dead!

and I'll have no remorse for your zombie corpse...DROP DEAD!