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We will soon be making some select Mighty Sphincter CDs available for purchase on this site. In addition I will be autographing some CDs as well. Stay tuned! - Doug

If you are interested in our just released 2010 material on 7" vinyl you may purchase it through our exclusive distributor at a389records.com

‘Resurrection’ marks the return of this legendary yet obscure American Goth/Punk/Metal band. Releasing music since the late 70’s, The Count (Doug Clark) and company are back in fine form with two new songs loaded with his unique style of guitar playing and new dark experimentation. Features guest vocals by Integrity's Dwid Hellion's vocals on the track 'Inferno Of Joy'.


Good Morning

I'd like to blow your fucking head off, stick you with knives, cut your dick off, beat your head against the pavement, make you suck dog's dicks.

Don't say good morning to me, don't say good morning to me.

I'd like to see you raped in prison, tie you up, feed you my jism, make a mess of your fucking life, kill your kids, rape your wife, don't say good morning to me, I wish you were dead.

I hope you have a good morning, I'll be fucking your wife, don't say good morning to me, no motherfucker.